How Do You Calculate Gravitational Potential Energy and Force?

Earth Moon Potential

A-Level Physics gravity calculations are either about calculating a scalar quantity which is gravitational potential energy or they are about calculating gravitational force, which is a vector. A typical gravitational potential energy question might be as follows: Use the following data to calculate the gravitational potential at the surface of the Moon. Mass of Earth […]

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Integration Roadmap

Integration Summary

If you are having difficulty finding the right integration method this summary sheet might help. It lists the integrals of common functions, trigonometric identities, integration by parts, substitution, a derivative divided by a function, partial fractions and more…

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How Variables Scale in Equations

Godzilla 731x500

You will have used equations all the time in science and maths, usually by plugging in numbers. For example, if we look at Newton’s second law and you know that mass is 1 kilogram and acceleration is 2 then the force is newtons. But there’s something else you can do with equations that is incredibly […]

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Radioactive Decay and Neanderthal Art

Were Neanderthals capable of producing art? Uranium-thorium dating applied to deposits on some paintings in Spain has revealed a remarkable fact: this was likely to be Neanderthal art. But how does this dating method work?

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Circle Theorems

Circle Theorems Angles in Same Segment Equal 2

Circle theorems are tricky to learn because they require you to quickly spot patterns that can appear distorted. We show how to learn these patterns using interactive examples that let you play with the shapes and see the angles change in real-time.

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Simultaneous Equations

Line Intersecting Parabola

We show how to solve two equations by substitution and by subtracting one equation from the other. This works if both equations are lines or if one equation is a line and the other is a circle or a parabola.

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